For every 12 year old girl who dreamed of owning their own horse, for every 10 year old boy who just knew they would be a cowboy riding horses through the desert when he grew up, February is the ideal time to plan a visit to the West’s Most Western Town. February 15 through February 25 the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show gallops into town, an event attended by over 300,000 people every year, bringing the beauty and talent of Arabian horses to the forefront of our attention. Offering magic, elegance, and an exciting opportunity to explore the world of dressage and a glimpse into the history of this ancient breed (there is evidence this breed is over 3500 years old) your time spent at the show will be your favorite part of your Arizona adventures, especially when you come home to our Paseo Homes Scottsdale sanctuaries every night.

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WestWorld of Scottsdale, 16601 N Pima Road

In 1955 the first Arabian Horse Show was held at the Biltmore, showcasing the stunning beauty of the breed, with only 50 animals competing in the event. Today the show is held at WestWorld of Scottsdale with nearly 2400 Arabians competing, making it the largest Arabian horse show in the entire world and has even been called the Superbowl of the Arabian world. And although there are many other big draw events that take place at the same time, including spring training for major league baseball, the joy of an event that brings owners, trainers, breeders, and, of course, these graceful animals together adds an element of charm and wonder to your vacation experience.

The Arabian Difference

In the west our horses tend to be more industrial, both in stature and style, used to cattle drives and night time rides through the desert, but Arabian horses are an entirely different breed. Characterized by its finely chiseled head, it is its intelligence, its grace, and the air of nobility that has made the Arabian Horse most sought after, with the best Arabians possibly capturing a price that can be as much as 30,000 dollars. Many of the winner’s of this year’s show will go on to take the big money as will their offspring.

The Arabian Horse Show Difference

If you have never witnessed an Arabian horse show before you may not understand what the schedule shows, offering events titled English and Western Dressage,  Arabian Country Pleasure, and Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot, events that are far different from Rodeo Events that include Barrel Racing, Tie Down Roping, and Bull Riding. But even as the crowds are more genteel, the events are less rugged, and the riders are dressed so very differently from those at a rodeo, the underlying vibe, one of horses and the people who love them will be very much the same. Sometimes more of a beauty pageant for horses and at other times a talent show where impeccably dressed riders guide their steeds around obstacle courses, the one common thing you may see at both a rodeo and this horse show, is riders wearing typical Western style cowboy hats, even as many riders will be dressed in English equestrian garb. 

So Much to See

Perhaps the most colorful event will be the Mounted Native Costume event where riders show off their capes, coats, scarfs, and headdresses with the best costume winning the competition. and the most exciting may be the Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction, where rowdiness similar to that of the 16th hole at the Waste Management Open contrasts with white tablecloths and fancy clothing and the auctioning off of stud services. Featuring a marketplace of arts, crafts, riding gear, and goodies that make riding more fun and a celebration of National Arabian Horse Day on February 19th. Leashed dogs are permitted, so if you have traveled across the miles with your fur child in tow, bring it along, or if not, just revel in the opportunity to enjoy horse and puppy pets whenever permitted. Visitors can meet an Arabian, having their pictures taken as they sit astride the mighty beasts, providing them with a souvenir they will never forget and if you are truly interested in learning all you can about the horse show, free barn tours give visitors a peek behind the scenes of this most prestigious show.

Get Comfortable with Paseo Homes

The days are long at the Arabian Horse Show and by the time the sun sets over the events, visitors will be more than ready to come home to the comforts of our Paseo Homes vacation havens. There are no horses or stables in our back yards, but there will be games waiting to be played and hot tubs in which guests can soak away any aches and pains. All the comforts of home are waiting to be explored in our Paseo Homes Scottsdale sanctuaries; reserve your favorite today!

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