Are you looking for a breathtaking, luxurious, and spacious Scottsdale vacation home that has tons of outdoor space, beautiful interior space, and incredible amenities you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the area? If this sounds exactly like what you need this holiday in Scottsdale, then look no further — Paseo Homes has you covered.

We have the Rancho Relaxo by Paseo Homes AZ with a pool and spa for up to 17 guests to soak outside in the pool, chill out and relax, truly decompress with their friends, forget the stress of work at home, and just enjoy being with their loved ones. When you see the exterior of the house, the bright blue pool, covered outdoor space, you may never want to leave.

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Exterior Area

The outside area alone is enough to make your jaw drop. The backyard features a bright blue pool that changes colors in the dark. You can also soak your tired legs from a day full of hiking or biking in the hot tub. Sit with your friends, have a glass of wine, and rest your legs in the hot tub to recover and get ready to go out on another hike the following day.

You can then go and sit under the covered outdoor deck to keep the sun off your face, avoid getting rained on (although it is almost always sunny here), and share some appetizers with your friends. The cozy wicker chairs with soft pillows and cushions are relaxing and comfortable for sitting and watching the sun go down.

During the daylight hours, we love the fenced-in outdoor space. Head out here in the bright sunshine and challenge your friend to a game of corn hole. Or sit by the fireplace as the sun goes down in the distance and tell stories to your friends. You can marvel at the far-reaching views, play fetch with your dog in the manicured garden, and get a tan on a hot fall day. You can also practice your game on the putting green or make some smores over the outdoor firepit.

The more you explore the outdoor space, the more you will find! This expansive private property is massive, giving every single guest a place to relax in a pool, spend time in a spa, take a nap under a covered umbrella or deck, and play games outside in the yard. With the perfect weather and amazing views, it is no wonder people spend all their time outside!

Common Space

Ready to enter the house? Just get ready to be blown away by the large ceilings, wood trim, wooden floors, cool artwork, bright lights, and functional layout. The living room features a large leather couch that is large enough for you and your guests. You Can also sit in the plush chairs to read a book or in the kitchen bar area to sip on a cocktail at 5 p.m.

Turn on the TV, watch your favorite movie, or take a midday nap in the cozy living room. At night, you can turn on the fireplace to stay warm and share stories with one another around the low-lit living room with a few cups of tea or glasses of wine.

Once you are in the mood for dinner, head to the large dining room table with multiple chairs, bright lights, and a chandelier to keep the space bright and airy. The wooden dining room table works well in the rustic style of the house and the wooden floors, showing the pristine interior styling and decorations.

Modern Kitchen

Feeling a bit hungry after a full day of being outside by the pool? Head to the modern kitchen to sit at the bar stool chairs, sip on a beer, and share snacks with your pals. You can also use the new stainless-steel appliances, cabinets for food storage, and granite counter to prepare a hearty dinner for your guests as they chill out and enjoy the weather.

kitchen inside of Rancho Relaxo vacation home

Remote Workspace

We know that you don’t want to work too much when you’re on vacation, but sometimes it has to be done. Use the functional workspace any time of the day. This remote workspace not only offers your very own computer and keyboard, but it also has a printer, fax machine, scanner, and coffee machine to keep you going all day long!


Last but not least, Rancho Relaxo offers 6 bedrooms for you to share with your guests. And the best part is, there is no bad room. Every single bedroom offers cozy furnishings, soft linens, fluffy pillows, ample clothes storage, and access to a bathroom in just a few steps. Turn off the light, draw the curtains, and slowly drift off to a great night of sleep.

At Paseo Homes, we offer everything, and more, that you could possibly need. This amazing house not only has incredible indoor and outdoor space, but you can use a garage bay, ping pong table, and full-size pool table. Book the home of your dreams today!

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