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Guided Hikes

Guided Hikes

As you begin making plans for your Scottsdale or Phoenix journey, you probably have a few ideas as to what you want to do while you’re here. Eating authentic Mexican food at local restaurants, dipping in and out of the shops on 5th Avenue searching for treasures that will remind you of these sun-filled days, and exploring the raw and untamed beauty of the desert are just some of the things that may interest you. Paseo Homes understands what travelers want, and we regularly jot down a few ideas on how to fill your moments, including the info we have in store for you today: a listing of some of our favorite guided hikes. It can be unsettling exploring a place you haven’t visited before, and although most trails in the area are clearly marked, having a knowledgeable guide lead the way, explaining more about what you are seeing, will give you a deeper understanding of the area and a greater love for our favorite place on earth! This guide to the best hikes in Scottsdale, AZ will ensure that there will be no missteps during your unforgettable Arizona vacation.


Mad Desert Trekking, 8342 E Weldon Avenue, Scottsdale, (480) 818-6821

If you have ever thought the desert was a vast wasteland with nothing very interesting to make it stand out, Mad Desert Trekking is about to show you the error in your thinking! The Arizona deserts are thriving with wildlife, offering everything from the stunningly beautiful hummingbirds to the elusive javelina, and the plant life found here is colorful and exciting as well. The tours offered by Mad Desert Trekking cover the gamut from sunset hikes (an Arizona sunset shines with a brighter fire than anywhere else on Earth) to strenuous hikes to the top of Camelback Mountain, where the panoramic views of the valley below will make you forget all about the effort it took to reach the apex!


Wild Bunch Desert Guides, 26520 N Alma School Road #2200, Scottsdale, (602) 663-0842

The guides at Wild Bunch are locals who love their hometown as much as they love a good “hike on the wild side,” and as they explain the tales and lore behind the scenic landscapes you are trekking through, you will be as entertained as you are entranced by the scenery. Take a sunset hike and fall in love with the fire in the sky, and if you are celebrating something special, all the better; let the Wild Bunch know when you are booking, and they will personalize the hike you will take! This group isn’t a corporate company hiring people that look good in hiking boots but is a downhome company run by people born and raised in our beautiful state, and their knowledge about the area will never let you down. Also offering biking tours and combination hiking and biking tours, you will get an enlightening trip through our town no matter what option you choose. This guided tour company is definitely worth a repeat performance if you have been here and done this before!


DUKOUT Adventures, 7750 E Redfield Road Suite 104, Scottsdale, (480) 788-6127

It always amazes us how you can take the same hike more than once and learn and see something new each time you do, and DUKOUT Adventures offers the perfect example. Their guided tours of local hot spots, including Tom’s Thumb Trail (named so because it resembles a big thumb sticking out of the landscape), Camelback Mountain, and so many more. Tours can last as long as three hours (or as short as 2.5 hours) and can include transportation and dining options if hikers are so inclined. Their guided hiking tour with dining option is a private one that takes guests along Phoenix and Scottsdale hiking trails, followed by lunch or brunch at The Vig in Scottsdale, offering American style food that will bring your hiking adventure to a delicious close. The hike can be your choice of one along the trails of The Phoenix Mountain Preserve or The McDowell Sonoran Preserve trail system.


Explore the Best Hikes in Scottsdale, AZ

You may not have known this, but “paseo” is a Spanish word for a leisurely walk or stroll, and after your day in the Phoenix or Scottsdale deserts or mountains, strolling in the front door of our Paseo Homes vacation escapes will bring you joy! Offering quiet luxury and all the comforts of home, our properties welcome everyone who resides within, and if you find you still have some excess energy after your earlier hikes, a relaxing walk around the family neighborhoods in which our homes are located promise to be the perfect ending to another perfect day in the Valley of the Sun. Reach out to us and reserve your favorite sanctuary today and discover all the ways our homes will be an integral part of your vacation experience!

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