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Horseback Riding

Scottsdale Horseback Riding

Scottsdale is known as the West’s Most Western Town, and although it has come a long way from the days when horses were tied up at hitching posts outside the local saloons, it still holds the vibe of those long-ago days in many ways. Watching the sun set over the McDowell Mountains with a saguaro cactus appearing in shadow may make you expect to see a cowboy riding his trusty steed along the desert landscape as well. The Wild, Wild West still makes its appearance in our Southwestern city in the form of rodeos, parades, and in the clothing we wear, even as we have acquired a sophistication that brings in the crowds, and if you want to feel a part of that past during your upcoming journey to Scottsdale, signing up for Scottsdale horseback riding tours can make you the starring attraction of your own American western! And because every cowboy or girl needs a homestead to return to at the end of their western adventures, our Paseo Homes vacation sanctuaries will provide the much-needed comfort you seek. This guide to horseback riding in the Valley of the Sun will ensure you don’t miss out on the experience that is perfect for you and your traveling companions!


Wild West Horse Adventures, 31402 N 136th Street, Scottsdale

The land that is today known as the McDowell Sonoran Preserve has stood as the backdrop for our beautiful state for centuries, and as you explore its wonders from atop a gentle steed, you may feel as if you have stepped back in time. Wild West Horse Adventures is one of the newer companies in town—its owner following her dreams and beginning the company in 2016—but it rapidly has become one of the premier companies in town for horseback riding in Scottsdale, AZ. They offer a variety of adventures that range in length from one to three hours, including a 1.5-hour sunset ride that will help create the loveliest of memories for you and your family. Their one-hour Buckaroo ride is perfect for novice riders and very young children.


Cave Creek Outfitters, 31313 N 144th Street, Scottsdale

Cave Creek Outfitters also offers ATV tours, but don’t let that fool you; the guides that lead their horseback rides are still Arizona cowpokes and will share their lifelong love of horses and the desert with each guest! Serving as an ecotour as well as a horseback ride, the leader of your gang of travelers will regale you with stories about the flora, the fauna, and the history of the desert as they also exchange hints and tidbits about the gentle creatures you are sitting astride. Offering rides that last between one to two hours, the actual adventure may take up to three hours to complete. If you are traveling with your family, be aware that children must be at least 6 years of age, and no double riding is permitted.


MacDonald’s Ranch, 26540 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale

Although we love all of these adventure opportunities, we must admit we have a soft spot for the horseback riding in Scottsdale, AZ experiences offered by MacDonald’s Ranch! Once known as Old MacDonald’s Farm, offering $2 horseback rides, this ranch has been a Scottsdale staple for nearly 70 years and its roots are deeply buried in the traditions of the Old West. Today, the rides cost a bit more, of course, but the adventures you will enjoy as you explore the desert aboard the gentlest of creatures will become memories that will take up permanent residence in your heart. Their adventures begin with an hour-long ride, increasing in time in accordance with the package you purchase, including options for sunset and moonlit rides to up the romance factor! The shorter rides require children to be at least 6 years old, while the longer rides require ages 8 and up, but if you really want to delve deep into the Old West, they also offer Stagecoach Rides for groups of 5 or less and with no age limits. MacDonald’s Ranch truly represents the spirit of the Wild, Wild, West, and as you and your traveling group hitch your stars to the red stagecoaches, you may never want the adventure to end. Oh, and because they don’t believe that less is more, the ranch also offers horseback rides that end with a cowboy cookout that will conquer the most ravenous of appetites!


Ride Home to Paseo Homes

Your horseback adventures will leave you exhilarated, exhausted, and more than a little ready to return home to the creature comforts offered in our Paseo Homes sanctuaries. Wash away the desert dust in showers offering the most updated of fixtures, cool down in our crystal-clear swimming pools, or soak away the aches and pains experienced from your unfamiliarity of the saddle, and then spend the rest of the evening just relaxing. Contact us and reserve your favorite western escape with us today!

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