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Desert Botanical Gardens

1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008

(480) 941-1225

Open Daily, 9am – 5pm

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Nestled within the arid beauty of the Sonoran Desert, the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona is a true oasis of both natural wonder and botanical expertise. Established in 1939, this 140-acre garden is a living testament to the resilience and diversity of desert plant life. It proudly showcases an astounding collection of over 50,000 plants representing thousands of species, many of which are uniquely adapted to thrive in the harsh desert environment. Visitors can meander through themed gardens that reveal the intricate beauty of cacti, succulents, agaves, and other desert flora. Beyond its breathtaking landscapes, the Desert Botanical Garden serves as a vital hub for research, conservation, and education, making it an essential destination for anyone seeking to appreciate and understand the remarkable ecosystems of the desert Southwest.

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